The Foundation for the Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia, is active in stimulating new ideas for architectural development mainly in connection to national and ethnic styles, in organizing conferences in spatial planning especially in waterfront areas. The Museum is involved in a long term international project with centers of disabled artists around the Baltic Sea. Through this partnership, the Foundation for the Museum of New Art, will experiment a new approach to its cultural activity within the local community, building a network between Estonian towns Pärnu, Kuressaare and Haapsalu (located at the seaside), Viljandi (located on a lakeside) and many other waterfront cities around the Baltic Sea as well as all over Europe.

There is a special art program, which concerns land art objects on a small island in Estonia which would be expanded to the small-size islands in the partner organisation countries. Our foundation seeks knowledge and experience in re-using historical factories and harbour buildings like warehouses etc. for the installation art centers, handicraft villages and exposition districts. From this learning process, the Foundation will gain new experiences and skills as well as fresh innovative ideas on cultural development of waterfront areas.