learning from European best practices for a sustainable urban life

WaRe is an international learning partnership bringing together organisations involved in the evaluation of XXI century waterfront redevelopment projects. The partnership will create a platform for the exchange of experience, expertise, ideas and working methods by comparing various approaches, models and tools used in the redevelopment of urban waterfronts.

The aim of the project is to identify the most useful methods for dealing effectively with areas of ongoing or future waterfront revitalisation.

Waterfront regeneration phenomena have now taken on a global dimension, involving not only major urban centres but also a large number of medium- and small-scale port cities as well as cities with different levels of development.

The partners will identify the most strategic ways of approaching urban design – ways that respect both the local identity and the specific urban situation of ‘cities on water’ – while taking advantage of the opportunities offered by waterfront revitalisation. The partnership will bring together experiences and information through five workshops, exploring the specific and local situation of each of the five partners, and one final conference for the promotion and distribution of the results of the research in the form of practical guidelines. The results will be summarized in a ‘digital tool kit’ made accessible to individuals and organisations connected with the partners.


WaRe – The Waterfront Regeneration project is financed by the EU Grundtvig LLP Programme




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