Description of the topic to be developed during the project activity

Degraded urban area in the eastern part of Izola is now used exclusively for the shipbuilding industry and fish production. Jadranka camping area, located on a narrow strip between the sea and the entrance road into Izola, is intended for tourist activities.

The seaside promenade between Koper and Izola is cut by the industrial area at the eastern part of Izola. The main characteristics of the area are fenced industrial programmes and lack of green programs and systems.

Slovenian and foreign investors seek to get permission to build three islands in the Viližan Bay and to strat the construction of a large tourist resorts. If the investors will execute the plans, that would completely change the image of Izola and turn it into the largest Slovenian seaside tourist resort (Šuligoj, 2009).


Brief description of the main issues

Several urban design proposals and professional guidelines were presented for the area. One of them transforms the area into a new tourist center for the city, maintaining the boundary of the former island, the ruins of St. Peter's Church, and protected parts of the Delamaris factory. The restored factory building contains an industrial heritage museum and a small thermal pool.

Green areas are retained and either doubled in size or completely reworked because vegetation as such does not really exist in the industrial part.

The pedestrian path continues along the sea through the area enclosed today, attached to the system of public open spaces and green areas next to the coast and connecting the promenade in the western part of Izola with the one in Koper.

The city’s inner ring is completed in a loop and a highway exit is also planned on the west side of the town. Bicycle traffic in the city is connected with the countryside surrounding Izola and with the former railway route.

Issues that remain open for discussion are:

  • Waterfront redevelopment from shipyard to tourist resort (waterfront tourist plan);
  • Waterfront redevelopment from industry to cultural heritage proposals (waterfront culture and heritage plan);
  • Various activities for people living, enjoying, and working in the area;
  • A waterfront green system plan;
  • Waterfront trails and a cycling plan;
  • An island or islands in Viližan Bay;
  • A waterfront interface point.