Fifth Project Meeting


Prague (Czech Republic) and Bratislava (Slovakia), February 28th - March 3rd 2013

The fifth meeting of the WaRe project is organised in two different seats: the city of Prague (Czech Republic), seat of the partner institutions Charles University, and in the city of Bratislava, Slovakia, selected as focus area for the recent and interesting development of its riverfront. The meeting was held on March 1rst and 2nd, 2013 (arrival on February 28th and departure on March 3rd). Articulated as an International Workshop, entitled “Turn towards the river”, the meeting focused the discussion on waterfront re-development as a challenge for a smart, sustainable and inclusive city, and, more specifically, on how each city is dealing with the aim of creating an economically viable, socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and liveable mixed-use city centre for the 21. Century. Furthermore, the case-study of Bratislava and, in particular, future developments of its waterfront area has been discussed. On the last day, the entire partnership transferred to Prague for a final internal session dedicated to conclusion remarks, together with the researcher group of Charles University.

Workshop Program

Seminar Program



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