Pärnu International Documentary and Science Film Festival

  October 12 - 18, 2020








Welcome to the Industry Area!

Here you can find practical information for submitting or attending
the Pärnu Film Festival in 2020 as a filmmaker or industry professional.

Submission of films for the 2020 Official Selection is now open!

The deadline for submission is 01.07.2020

Screenings in Pärnu and Estonian TV, October 12 - 18
Travelling to different towns of Estonia, October 19 - 25

Winners of the XXXIII Pärnu Film Festival:
Andrei Kutsila,
Lilah Markman, Kira Jääskeläinen and Mattias Veermets.

The festival centre is located at the Museum of New Art in Pärnu (10, Esplanaadi St.).
The official postal address:
Pärnu Film Festival
10, Esplanaadi St.
Pärnu 80010

Winners of the GRAND PRIZE - the best film of the festival:
2019 - SUMMA by Andrei Kutsila (Belarus/Poland)
2018 -
OF FATHERS AND SONS by Talal Derki (Germany/Syria/Lebanon/Qatar)
2017 - DEAD WHEN I GOT HERE by Mark Aitken (Mexico/UK)
2016 - WEDDING: A FILM by Mohammadreza Farzad (Iran)
2015 -
THOSE WHO FEEL THE FIRE BURNING by Morgan Knibbe (The Netherlands)
2014 - RAMIN by Audrius Stonys (Latvia)
2013 - THE LAST STATION by Cristian Soto and Catalina Vergara (Chili)
2012 - WITH FIDEL WHATEVER HAPPENS by Goran Radovanovic (Serbia)
2011 - TEACHER IRENA by Itamar Chen (Israel);
          VODKA FACTORY by Jerzy Skladkowski (Sweden);
2010 - STEAM OF LIFE by Joonas Berghäll and Mika Hotakainen (Finland);
2009 - LEFT BEHIND by Fabian Daub and Andreas Gräfenstein (Germany);
2008 - GUGARA by Andrzej Dybczak and Jacek Naglowski (Poland);
2007 - THE SEEDS by Wojsiech Kasperski (Poland);
2006 - BEFORE FLYING TO THE EARTH by Arunas Matelis (Lithuania);
2005 - THE 3 ROOMS OF MELANCHOLIA by Pirjo Honkasalo (Finland);
2004 - EBBA AND TORGNY by Johan Palmgren (Sweden);
2003 - NOW YOU ARE HAMLET by Ulrika Bengts (Finland);
2002 - I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU UNTIL I DIE by Maciej Adamek (Poland);
2001 - KUSUM by Jouko Aaltonen (Finland);
2000 - IN SEARCH OF SHANGRI-LA by Wen Pu Lin (China);
1999 - THE ARTIST'S LIFE by Lasse Naukkarinen (Finland);
1998 - GAIA'S CHILDREN by Bente Milton (Denmark);
1997 - PORTAL TO PEACE by Thomas Stenderup (Denmark);
1996 - PARADISE by Sergei Dvortsevoy (Russia);
1995 - EVALD'S ACRE by Kersti Uibo (Estonia/UK);
1994 - LIVING ON THE AGANO RIVER by Makoto Sato (Japan);
1993 - TAIGA NOMADS by Heimo Lappalainen (Finland);
1992 - A VISIT by Kari Happonen (Finland);
1991 - THE ALLOTMENT GARDEN by Lise Roos (Denmark);
1990 - SONG OF HARMONICS by Hugo Zemp (France);
1989 - CROSS-STREET by Ivars Seleckis (Latvia);
1988 - VIDAROSEN by Jon Jerstad (Norway);
1987 - WINTER IN ICE CAMP by Asen Balikci (Canada).

Winners of the Estonian People's Awards:
2019 - BUDDY by Heddy Honigmann (The Netherlands)
2018 -
REBEL SURGEON by Erik Gandini (Sweden)
2017 - A BASTARD CHILD by Knutte Wester (Sweden)
2016 - MUSSA by Anat Goren (Israel) 
2015 -
SOMETHING BETTER TO COME by Hanna Polak (Denmark)
2014 - MERCY MERCY by Katrine Riis Kjaer (Denmark)
2013 - ROMAN POLANSKI: A FILM MEMOIRE by Laurent Bouzereau (Switzerland)
2012 - ONCE THERE WAS LOVE by Kage Jonsson and Hakan Pieniowski (Sweden)
2011 - VILLAGE WITHOUT WOMEN by Srdjan Sarenac (Serbia);
2010 - A GOOD MAN by Safina Uberoi (Australia);
2009 - FLYING WITH ONE ENGINE by Josuha Weinstein (USA);
2008 - MOTHER by Antoine Cattin (France) and Pavel Kostomarov (Russia);
2007 - FIRST LESSON IN PEACE by Yoram Honig (Israel);
2006 - THE DEVIL'S MINER by Richard Ladkani and Kief Davidson (Germany);
2005 - DO YOU LOVE ME? by Lars Westman (Sweden);
2004 - MY FLESH AND BLOOD by Jonathan Karsh (USA);
2003 - TO BE AND TO HAVE by Nicolas Philibert (France);
2002 - NARROW IS THE GATE by Kersti Uibo (Estonia/UK);
2001 - CLEANERS AND I by Agnes Varda (France);
2000 - GRANDFATHERS AND REVOLUTIONS by Peter Hegedus (Australia);
1999 - SALTMEN OF TIBET by Ulrike Koch (Switzerland).

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